F.A.Q. | Mint Poker - Built By Players For Players


Q: Do I have to be a Member to visit Mint Poker?

A: Yes. Mint Poker is strictly membership based whether for individuals, groups, charity outings, or corporate outings. Memberships are available in daily and monthly options.

Q: How does Mint Poker charge for activities and amenities?

A: In addition to Membership Fees, Mint Poker charges for access to Clubs on an hourly basis. Once Members are checked in, they have access to any/all of the amenities and activities. There are no other fees for visits and activities at Mint. 

Q: What about Food & Beverage?

A: Members at Mint enjoy and robust menu of elevated pub food 24 hours a day. Food & Beverage is complimentary for all members once checked in and utilizing club facilities.

Q: How do I become a Member?

A: You will fill out a Membership Application granting provisional membership and pay the dues for the term of your choice (daily/monthly). Approximately once per month the Mint Poker Membership Committee meets and reviews provisional members and makes a recommendation to approve or deny permanent membership status

Q: Can my Membership be revoked?

A: Yes. The Membership Committee and Management can choose to revoke Memberships for violation of Club Rules, violations of the club's Code of Conduct, breaches of etiquette, non-payment of dues or fees, on review of criminal background checks, or other reasons