beginner table | Mint Poker - Built By Players For Players


  • ​$.50/$1 No-Limit Texas Hold'em with $50 min/max Buy-In
  • 100% Rake Free & No-Tipping
  • Professional, Uniformed Dealers & Staff
  • $10/hr Seat Rental for all Cash Games

Players of all skill levels are welcome at mintpoker. Players wishing to learn the game can sign up for any of our instructional programs and for the first month of your membership, inexperienced poker players have the option to play at a special mintpoker beginner table with .50/$1 blinds and a $50 buy in. Skilled, personable dealers will take the time to teach players at this special table the in's and out's of the game including betting, etiquette, rules and some game strategy (after the conclusion of a hand).

mintpoker staff reserve the right to restrict a players access to the beginner table during players first 30 days, if, in the opinion of mintpoker staff, the player's skill level exceeds expectations for beginner's table participation.